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Série Hygienic 4000 - Pojistný ventil pro hygienické aplikace


Katalogové číslo Série Hygienic 4000
Výrobce Goetze KG Armaturen
Teplota: -40°C .. +200°C
Tlakový rozsah: 0,4 - 16 bar
Materiál: Nerezová ocel
Připojení: Clamp
DN: 25, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100
PN: 16
Médium: kapaliny (agresivní), kapaliny (neutrální), pára, plyny (agresivní), plyny (neutrální), výpary (agresivní), výpary (neutrální), vzduch


Safety valve made of stainless steel, angle-type with stainless steel spring

In the sector of hygienic applications or clean service applications, very high requirements are applied on optimal cleanability and dead space free construction of equipment parts. At the development of the new safety valve series 4000, ranging from DN 25 to DN 100, these exact principles have been fulfi lled and therefore exist in a safety valve for the fi rst time. By using a conical diaphragm instead of a rubber flange, the area affected by the medium is optimally separated from the spring housing. On all surfaces, the primary conical valve seal and the housing seals, these principles have been fully implemented. Thus all surfaces are easy to clean.

For the lifting of the valves, additionally there is a pneumatic piston actuator and optionally a proximity switch for the display of the valve opening available.

For the protection of:

  • processes, plants and containers in the food and pharmaceutical industry
    for air, neutral and non-neutral vapours and gases, steam and liquids
  • food industry
  • dairy industry
  • breweries and beverage industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • cosmetic industry
  • medical technology
  • clean Service applications

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